We're shaping the future of purposeful spatial computing for the benefit of humanity

Our vision is of a world where spatial computing transports imaginations and moves people to see the world differently, improve productivity and learning, and enhance the enjoyment of life.

The centre of our universe remains our desire to steer a better course for humanity both inside the company and out. We treat everyone fairly and well and continue to operate our business without exploiting people, data or our environment.

Meet our team

You would be hard pressed to find a team as talented and dedicated as our tight-knit crew of producers, developers, UI and instructional designers, and narrative artists. We are driven by the desire to create experiences that move, inspire and empower.

Kain Tietzel
Nathan Anderson
Jaeger Battersby
Angus Stevens
Managing Director
Isabella Povolny
Technical Producer
Josef Heks
Head of Capture & Post Production
Robyn Spencer
Art Director
Kyle Norton
Ryan Dell
Post Production Operator
Olivia Jeavons
Executive Assistant

Our history

Founded in 2015

Our team has been delivering award winning, industry acclaimed cinematic immersive experiences since 2015. During this time we have produced over 200x VR & AR experiences. Our projects have been experienced by over a million people across 80 organisations, businesses and government departments in-and-across the world.

Who we are

We are interactive learning specialists, film-makers, gamers, artists and designers. We are students and collaborators. We are explorers and innovators. We combine principals of learning with the artistry of story-telling. We are committed to bringing the richness of spatial computing and immersive learning experiences to a global audience. We treat everyone fairly and well and continue to operate our business without exploiting people, data or our environment.
We are Start Beyond.

Partners for growth

We have ISV’s with the world’s leading spatial computing hardware companies Oculus, Microsoft, Magic Leap and HTC Vive. Formerly known as “Start VR”, we’ve raised over $2M(AUD) from Nightingale Partners, Telstra, private angel investors and have been successful participants of the Muru-D Accelerator Program and Microsoft Scale-up Program.

Work with us

We're always looking for talented and driven people looking to make a difference. Apply to our open positions below or follow us on LinkedIn for new positions as they open.

No vacancies

No vacancies

Seeing is believing

The best way to experience immersive learning is to see it for yourself. Arrange for a product demonstration, consultation or call with one of our spatial computing experts.
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