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Meetings & Conferences

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Employees putting on headsets for immersive VR meeting

Make your meetings engaging and more memorable

The world has quickly adapted to group video calls and meetings, but is it good enough to replace personal, face-to-face meetings and events? Overcome the limitations of video conferencing by taking your meetings to the next level with immersive virtual reality meetings and conferences.

Create authentic connections through fluid conversations

Allow VR to increase your team's levels of engagement & collaboration. Experience the benefits of saving on travel costs and on your company's valuable time through this transformative solution.

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Contact us to book a demonstration, or tell us more about your meeting, event or conference and one of our team will send you a quick quote.

"It's like you're standing there, right next your colleagues, having the same conversations we would have had in the office"
Example custom immersive VR meeting, event or conference space

Immersive meetings

This specialist immersive meeting space allows for brainstorming, meetings and small-group sessions.

Features include:
- Up to 15 people meet & speak simultaneously
- Slide presentations
- HD video
- Custom-made virtual space (optional)

Example custom immersive VR meeting, event or conference space

Events & conferences

Communicate your message to large groups as a replacement for physical trade shows, conferences, lectures and public events.

Features include:
- Panelists & audience Q & A
- Up to 30 people in VR + 20 desktop + unlimited stream
- Slide presentations
- HD video
- Custom-made virtual space (optional)

This is how we do it

To dedicated headsets, through to smart devices and desktop environments for broad distribution. The content we create is customised for delivery to:

IVRMC Setup - person at computer


We work closely in collaboration with you to build and design your ideal session.

IVRMC Setup - VR headset being delivered


We then ship the necessary hardware at no cost to you as quickly as we can.  Rest assured with registered delivery and tracking. Overseas shipping is also available.

IVRMC Setup - concierge customer support to on-board all users


We'll be in touch as soon as your hardware arrives to assist you in using the headset and accessing your session.

Delivery at scale
IVRMC enables you to host immersive VR meetings events and conferences at scale

How it works

Whether you are hosting or attending a meeting or lecture session, utilising this unique remote working solution you will be able to connect and re-connect with employees, co-workers and clients despite physical circumstances.

Simply pop on your VR headset to enter into the session's bespoke virtual environment and  relax knowing that we are there to provide technical support if ever needed.

infographic illustrating users being physically remote but sharing the same virtual space like they are all together

Ideal use cases

The immersive spaces are fluid places with a diverse range of collaboration, productivity and social networking applications, and are ideally suited for:

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Product Demonstrations

trade shows icon

Trade shows

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C-Suite Meetings

employee onboarding icon

Employee Onboarding

investor relations icon

Investor relations

sales pitch icon

Sales pitches

conferences icon


lectures icon


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Training Programs

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Seeing is believing

The best way to experience immersive learning is to see it for yourself. Arrange for a product demonstration, consultation or call with one of our spatial computing experts.
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