The Oncio Platform

Oncio provides a clear pathway for businesses to transition away from low impact e-learning into highly engaging augmented reality & virtual reality learning simulations.

Its modular, white-label design gives businesses a versatile and cost-effective AR & VR training platform, that’s accessible via mobile, desktop and VR headsets.

Build the future of learning today

All Oncio products are accessible via VR, mobile and desktop.

Solo Learner

Self-guided VR platform for remote learning with interactive 360° VR simulations that track the Learner's progress and are delivered via VR, mobile & desktop.

1 to 1 Learner

This feature of the VR platform enables the Trainer from anywhere in the world to monitor and guide the Learner's VR training through a series of interactive, real world VR simulations.

Lecture Learner

Large multi-user immersive VR group sessions which are ideal for on-boarding staff as well as delivering VR meetings and panellist discussions; presented across VR, desktop & mobile.

Group Learner

Interactive Trainer led VR simulations and VR group training; perfect for replacing e-Learning modules with VR training solutions that enable a scalable remote learning solution, across VR, desktop and mobile.

How it works

The Oncio VR platform consists of 3 integrated applications:

Creator App

Upload and manage 2D, VR and AR assets
Integrate interactive UI with course content
Build & deploy modular training programs

Classroom App

Participants access the Oncio Learner products via their personal avatar
Solo and shared experiences are available
Activities include facilitator lead virtual classrooms and self-guided training

Admin App

Creators control the publication and distribution of content modules including access to paid and free materials
Analytics include engagement, attendance and course progression
Monitors device deployment
API integrates into existing ERP & CRMs
AR & VR training provides learners with knowledge that sticks.  It is cheaper and more memorable than traditional 2D methods.

Contact us for a demonstration of how AR and VR learning simulations can reduce costs, increase knowledge retention, and build high performing teams.

The Oncio Story

Since August 2015 Start Beyond has delivered over half a million AR and VR training experiences via our Oncio platform.  It is the foundational code for all our projects and the cornerstone to our success.

We are now making Oncio available to the public.

Our clients can access the AR & VR training platform in a variety of ways.

For businesses with in-house AR & VR production teams they can create upload, manage and deploy AR & VR training modules via Oncio.

Alternatively for those organisations looking to have the AR & VR assets created as well as distributed, then Start Beyond studio team collaborate with the client to understand the content, before producing the AR and VR assets and publishing the material via the Oncio platform.

The interactivity and flexibility of the Oncio platform also allows organisations to give new life to existing 2D assets by placing them in an immersive 360° environment and layering them with additional functionality.

Whether your organization is looking to re-boot 2D videos and stills, build new AR and VR training content, or upload and distribute pre-existing 2D, 3D, 360° video or CGI assets, Start Beyond and the Oncio platform can provide a cost effective, scalable, integrated AR & VR learning solutions that future proofs your business.

Case Studies

Our clients currently using the Oncio platform include:

Enterprise level concierge support

Start Beyond has delivered over 1,000,000 spatial computing and immersive experiences to dedicated headsets, smart devices, browsers and screens across the globe.
Concierge Support

We ensure our clients receive fast, friendly and responsive technical, content and trainer implementation support.

Analytics & Reports

We match your business requirements with clearly defined KPI’s to measure the success of your learning initiatives.


Custom integration with your preferred LMS, LXP and Student Management platform

Enterprise Partners

Our enterprise partnerships with Oculus for Business, Microsoft and HTC ensures the seamless integration of immersive learning with your existing IT systems.

Seeing is believing

The best way to experience immersive learning is to see it for yourself. Arrange for a product demonstration, consultation or call with one of our spatial computing experts.
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