Working in Augmented Reality

Bring brands to life with Augmented Reality

As an industry leading Augmented Reality company, Start Beyond's AR services can engage your mobile audience with custom branded 3D experiences across web, social and mobile apps.

Australia’s leading brands choose to work with us

From augmented reality sales and marketing events for the Commonwealth Bank and Telstra, to virtual reality content marketing for Qantas, through to immersive VR sales and marketing events with Meta and Samsung, Australia’s biggest companies trust Start Beyond’s AR & VR services.

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3D volumetric performance capture hologram

Tell your brand story with 3D holograms and animation

Take storytelling to the next level with authentic volumetric performance capture, 3D animations and traditional media. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone to see a working prototype in action.

Start Beyond's AR services bring to life 2D content and transform static objects. Through our specialist mixed reality ONCIO platform our AR services provide our customers with interactive 3D AR applications that captivate learners, grab customers' attention, drive sales and build product knowledge.

Bring the red carpet experience into the lounge room

No-one wants a zoom-call xmas party so why not recognise your team’s efforts with a fun and engaging live event?

Our ARWard Night solution enables you to build a week-long campaign of print and online AR interactions that build to a live streamed event, complete with red-carpet selfies, animated gifs, video walls and moderated audience engagement.

ARWard Night custom AR event solution
Instagram AR

Energise your social audience with AR photo filters & special effects

Reach your customers where they’re active, engaged and ready to share. Tap into Instagram and Snap’s native AR filters for product launches, special events, e-commerce and brand building.

Take a look at the Koala Instagram filter we created.

Amplify the customer retail experience and increase sales conversions

AR creates a virtual fitting room or showroom experience, allowing customers to visualise, modify colour, size and placement of a product in their home or on their person.

Web AR brings 3D creations immediately into your physical environment. Use your mouse to view our 3D chair or click the [AR] marker on your phone see it in the real world.

AR provides a unique opportunity to connect with customers in ways that traditional media can’t.

With mobile AR you can easily reach consumers, connect with prospective buyers and motivate users to interact with your brand and enable them to amplify your brand message. Contact us for a demonstration of how we can bring your campaign to life in Augmented Reality.