We are Australia’s leading producer & distributor of VR & AR remote learning solutions

Angus Stevens

Start Beyond CEO & Co-Founder

“At Start Beyond we’re helping people gain knowledge and see the world differently.

Our Oncio platform replaces the current ineffective formats of e-Learning and 2D video conferencing.  It provides businesses, educational institutions and their users with the classroom of the future, today.

Oncio is the metaverse for learning.”

Meet our team

You would be hard pressed to find a team as talented and dedicated as our tight-knit crew of producers, developers, UI and instructional designers, and narrative artists. We are driven by the desire to create experiences that move, inspire and empower.

Meet our team
Our team
Kain Tietzel
Our team
Nathan Anderson
Our team
Jaeger Battersby
Our team
Angus Stevens
Managing Director
Our team
Isabella Povolny
Technical Producer
Our team
Josef Heks
Head of Capture & Post Production
Our team
Robyn Spencer
Art Director
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Kyle Norton
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Ryan Dell
Post Production Operator
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Olivia Jeavons
Executive Assistant
Our team

Our Vision

The Problem

Students, employees, educators and industry all require remote learning solutions, but the current platforms diminish the quality of the training programs and deliver poor participant engagement as interpersonal skills, memory development and in-class motivation are sacrificed for convenience and cost.

Post pandemic, the global consensus is for a hybrid training model but currently no platform exists.

To address this problem, Start Beyond is building Oncio.

The Solution

The Oncio platform brings together enterprise clients, educational institutions and training providers and optimises their content for dynamic and effective 3D experiences.  It provides the metaverse for solo and multi-user learning, as participants use their own avatar / digital identity, to complete courses and collaborate with others.

Delivered across VR, AR, mobile and desktop, the Oncio platform combines the benefits of remote learning with the personal connection of the classroom.

Who we are

Our team is backed with over 8 years of innovation and spatial design thinking, more than 75 AR & VR training and sales applications and over a half a million immersive learning experiences delivered to local and international organisations.

Our multi-award winning studio and platform has received global recognition and our client list includes universities, RTO’s, tertiary institutions, local, state and federal government departments as well as a range of Australia’s leading multi-national companies.

Seeing is believing

The best way to experience immersive learning is to see it for yourself. Arrange for a product demonstration, consultation or call with one of our spatial computing experts.
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