The Benefits of
AR & VR Training Simulations



Faster to train
than in the classroom



More confident
to apply skills learned after training



More emotionally connected
to content than classroom learners



More focused
than e-learning peers

Scenario Based Learning

Interactive 360° Aged Care Training
South West TAFE
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Customer Profiles for Sales Training

Nespresso Virtuo
Atomic 212
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Therapist Tool for Autistic Clients

SocialWise VR
SocialWise VR
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Build Emotional Intelligence

Training room roleplay can't replicate the reality.

VR simulation equips learners with the experience and confidence to take their soft skill training and implement it,  in the real world.

Make Training ‘Real-world’ Accurate

VR learning simulation takes the user out of the classroom and into the workplace.

VR education and VR safety training allows organisations to create and experience dangerous simulations, that replicate on-site activities without the risks, travel costs or operational expense.

Specialist University Course Modules

Speech Pathology VR
University of Newcastle
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Industry Backed Vocational Education

Shearing Training VR
South West TAFE
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See Inside a Nuclear Reactor

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Communities Connecting

Collect-A-Character AR
Dubbo Regional Council
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Certified Accreditations

First Aid and CPR Training
St John Ambulance
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Australia-Wide Onboarding

Westpac HR VR
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Global Cancer Research Program

Visualising Cancer in VR
Sony Foundation, Garvan Institute and CSIRO
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Compelling & Consistent Messaging

VR education overcomes the reliance on training facilitators and delivers a high impact, standardised solution.

Virtual reality training allows businesses to deploy large scale L&D programs across VR, mobile, desktop, that drives engagement, tracks learner progression and delivers knowledge that sticks.

Harness 3D to Visualise Concepts

Interactive AR and VR learning simulations illustrate complex ideas and build knowledge.

The AR and VR simulations allow the learner to see inside the device and better understand the scientific principals that underscore the technology.

Certified Vocational Training

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The Periodic Table Comes to Life

Periodic Table AR
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International Product Showcase

Tricentis XR
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AR & VR training provides learners with knowledge that sticks.  It is cheaper and more memorable than traditional 2D methods.

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Reduce training time

We’ve travelled the world to capture and deliver content for our clients.

Seeing is believing

The best way to experience immersive learning is to see it for yourself. Arrange for a product demonstration, consultation or call with one of our spatial computing experts.
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