Immersive VR Meetings & Conferences


Overcome the limitations of video conferencing by taking your meetings to the next level through VR.

Strengths of Immersive VR Meetings & Conferences

  • Achieve Authentic Eye Contact, Body Language and Fluid Conversations
  • Create Unique Branded Environments
  • Live VR & Web Stream Options Available
  • Increase Levels of Engagement & Collaboration
  • Save Time and Travel Costs

Uses Include:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Sales Conferences
  • Pitch Sessions
  • Advisory Boards & C-Suite Meetings
  • Training Programs

Product Overview

How it Works

We prep the headset....
...and you can either join a meeting...
...or start your own!
Customize your VR space to impress your users!

Customised Live Lecture & Meetings via Altspace VR

This cost-effective option leverages the Altspace VR platform in order to customise it’s off-the-shelf features to create live VR meetings & lectures.


  • Seamlessly integrate Client’s branding to minimise / mask visibility of Altspace platform branding within the overall experience
  • Optimise & integrate 2D videos and presentation content into the VR experience
  • Video capture the Live event
  • Live stream online version of event
  • Integrate online questions and comments into the VR experience
  • Live VR Technical Director to manage participants experience and provide support for presenters and panellists.

Start Beyond Immersive Live Meetings & Conferences

This specialist VR Exhibit Space & Online Platform allows for Live VR Meetings, Conferences & Speakers sessions.

Clients can select from a range of customisable options to embed the functionality & features desired to create their ideal space.

All the features of the Altspace platform and more:

  • Pre-rendered CGI environments with Content Modules / Exhibitor Stands
  • Users teleport via gaze-based navigation
  • Integration of pre-existing 2D video & audio content into VR Exhibition Space
  • Obtain User experience analytics
  • Online option available for Users without VR devices
  • Multi-languages available

VR Hardware Delivery & Hygiene  

Start Beyond will provide all facets of the packaging, deployment and delivery of Oculus GO VR headsets. Start Beyond will ensure the hygiene of every VR device delivered through Cleanbox.

Cleanbox UVC kills 99.99% of all bacteria.

Kain Tietzel
The beauty of this product is that it allows multiple people to talk simultaneously, allowing for deeper conversations and fluid engagement.
Kain Tietzel
CEO, Start Beyond
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Seeing is believing

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