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We provide organisations with turnkey creative and technical solutions to create and distribute impactful virtual and augmented experiences that have an immediate and lasting impact.

Our suite of ready-to-roll products make it easy to deliver impressive, immersive courses

Personal Immersive Learning Experience

A self-paced learning experience where audiences can choose from a scalable selection of linear and interactive VR content.

Optimised for individual use, this portable solution ideal for use in small groups, distributed workforces and mobile sales teams.

The custom branded experience is intuitive to use, works with and without a VR headset and can be distributed privately or distributed publicly into popular app stores.

Product highlights
  • A custom branded and dynamic menu is designed to scale with new VR & AR content
  • Upload and automatically distribute new immersive content to installed devices
  • Distributed privately or release publicly across global app stores
  • Works with popular smartphones and tablets (with and without a VR headset) using gryoscope and swipe controls
Digital Dinos

Self managed virtual learning experience for school students, exploring the natural world where the dinosaurs once roamed.

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1 to 1
1 to 1 trainer

A unique and collaborative approach to immersive learning; giving trainers access to difficult, perilous and complex social simulations and the ability to watch how the student interacts in real time.

Designed for use by professional therapists, the tool enables organisations to record and track student sessions over time for review and archiving, and the ability to intervene and control the student experience.

Product highlights
  • Companion app enables therapist to see student activity in real-time
  • Patient sessions are cumulatively tracked and recorded for review and  archive
  • Therapist has control over the patients view and can take control
  • Gamified student experience designed to stimulate progress and encourage repeat engagement
Social Wise VR

A diverse range of complex social simulations designed to help therapists working with ASD patients to learn about safety and social skills through realistic role-play.

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1 > 5 People

A comprehensive learning suite designed to deliver a combination of physical and simulated training experiences.

Optimised for small groups of up to ten people, Group Trainer can be delivered to controlled classroom environments or as a portable solution. A companion tablet app enables Trainers to manage student participation, synchronise course playback, track and verify attendance, regulate test assessments and issue final certification.

Product highlights
  • Companion app enables therapist to see student activity  in real-time
  • Patient sessions are cumulatively tracked and recorded for review and  archive
  • Convenient tablet-switch option to easily transfer their training experience from VR headset to tablet
  • Optional portable “travel kit” enables trainers to deliver courses on the road
St John Ambulance

A comprehensive suite of virtual and practical First Aid Certification Training delivered via portable, installed and BYOD solutions.

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2 > 100 People

A shared, synchronised group experience that will leave a profound and lasting impact on your audience.

Purposefully designed to cater for small to large groups, Lecture Learner facilitates and streamlines large volumes of people to experience a communal-yet-unique interactive VR learning experience. Ideal for employee on-boarding, exhibition spaces, event activations and roadshows.

Product highlights
  • High volume broadcast of immersive content
  • Hands-free on-boarding makes for an impressive first-time VR experience
  • Flexible playback includes:single film, interactive “bulging narrative” and multi-clip "film festival" options
  • Optional portable "travel kit" enables trainers to deliver courses on the road
Battle of Hamel

Groups of up to 100 visitors experienced a rich and cinematic educational primer on the history of WWI and could choose from three first-person perspectives of pilot, soldier or tank operator.

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Enterprise level concierge support

Start Beyond has delivered over 1,000,000 spatial computing and immersive experiences to dedicated headsets, smart devices, browsers and screens across the globe.

Concierge Support

We ensure our clients receive fast, friendly and responsive technical, content and trainer implementation support.

Analytics & Reports

We match your business requirements with clearly defined KPI’s to measure the success of your learning initiatives.


Custom integration with your preferred LMS, LXP and Student Management platform

Enterprise Partners

Our enterprise partnerships with Oculus for Business, Microsoft and HTC ensures the seamless integration of immersive learning with your existing IT systems.

Seeing is believing

The best way to experience immersive learning is to see it for yourself. Arrange for a product demonstration, consultation or call with one of our spatial computing experts.
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