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Unlocking science at the atomic level. 

How do you make science less boring? Or specifically, Nuclear Science in ANSTO’s case. 

ANSTO wanted to communicate the breadth of their work by capturing student’s minds in an interactive and engaging way.

Using the immersive technology of VR and AR, users are invited to journey into the ANSTO OPAL reactor and Synchrotron to get an exclusive first hand insight into how it all works- all from the perspective of a neutron. Additionally, users can experience the traditional 2D Periodic Table of Elements through the power of AR as each element is brought to life.

This project is designed to be experienced for use on both the Solo and Group Learner product.

The Solo Learner allows for independent exploration and learning, however, through the Group Learner, teachers and facilitators are able to project its contents and run a group session for multiple students.

Periodic Table of Elements (AR)

This AR experience invites students to explore the elements that ANSTO work with on a daily basis in a new fun and exciting way. 

The Periodic Table of Elements comes to life when the user hovers their device over each element- making them pop out in 3D. Students can then click on an element to see the protons and neutrons spin around the nucleus to create an in-depth learning experience.

Inside OPAL & the Synchrotron (VR)

These two virtual immersive experiences provide students with unrestricted access into both the OPAL Reactor and the Australian Synchrotron. 

Travel into the OPAL (Open Pool Australian Lightwater) Reactor by following 3 possible journeys that the neutron can take or get shrunk down to atomic size in the Australian Synchrotron. 

Both feature guided virtual tours that remotely teach students to understand and learn the key features of each through the combination of real footage and overlaid animated elements. These rich VR experiences work to introduce not only what ANSTO does, but its positive impact on the world around us.

                      Featured in "Beauty of Science" Apple app store. The ANSTO XR app is downloadable on iOS and Android.

                                                                                                   Available on the Oculus Go.

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