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Dubbo Regional Council AR "Collect-a-character"

Dubbo Regional Council were looking to engage the local community with the city centre and the region's businesses.

The Discover Dubbo Region App combines AR gameplay with local activities to generate additional commerce in the town centre. As the user explores the trail, they unlock the new 3D AR models and receive discounts and special offers at the local retailers.

Plus, the app’s modular design allows for easy-to-implement updates with different trails available including Christmas & Easter. 


  • Create a visible, high-impact campaign that actively illustrates the innovative work of the Dubbo council to support its retail community
  • Increase dwell time & foot traffic in Dubbo CBD
  • Generate additional Xmas sales for retailers


  • A fun mixed reality experience that encouraged community members to explore the CBD through gamification
  • Optimised for mobile and tablet users the app utilised geo-locative functionality
  • An application that enabled users to share content in order to raise awareness of the campaign
  • The game included competition furthering the incentive to engage based on the users interaction

Dubbo Regional Centre Collect-A-Character
Dubbo Regional Centre Collect a character
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Josie Howard
"It's been a really exciting time for Dubbo Regional Council to be involved with this type of technology. It's something really new and cool for the council, so for us to be able to work with Start Beyond to be able to bring these ideas into life has been great"
Josie Howard
Manager Economic Development and Marketing
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