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Social Wise VR menu screen by Bridge Behavioural

SocialWise VR is designed to help young adults who are on the autism spectrum learn about social situations they will encounter in real life through virtual reality. Created for US company Bridge Behavioural, the project empowers Bridge's therapists to better coach their clients into experiencing more meaningful social relationships in a safe learning environment.


  • To produce an interactive VR experience that allows young people with ASD to encounter social scenarios including non-preferred conversations
  • To build a therapists tool that assists the social development of their clients
  • Provide a safe avenue for ASD individuals to experiment with social interactions and develop more meaningful social connections.


  • Optimised for Oculus Go headsets, this training tool fully immerses students in a variety of social scenarios
  • Recreated highly realistic and cinematic social scenarios such as dealing with drugs, meeting girls and conversations around sport
  • Companion app provided therapist with real-time preview of patient view, admin tools and the ability to intervene where necessary
  • Scaffold learning and success gates applied to each scenario
  • Gamified interface to incentivise and reward patient progress
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