Nutricia Toddlers

Nutricia Toddlers


  • Distinguish Danone Nutricia from industry competitors
  • Prove Danone’s dedication to safety and research
  • Find an innovative way to engage the Chinese market


  • Start Beyond proposed a “source to shelf” story
  • The story demonstrated the purity of the Aptamil range
  • An immersive 360° video was produced utilising Start Beyond's VR marketing solutions
  • Video focused on green grass, blue skies, peaceful cows, and clean factories of the Danone farm
  • Voice over featured Mandarin and English


  • Unique experience made Aptamil stand out to Chinese shoppers
  • Message fed into the core branding of the product
  • Increased trust
  • Increased sales in a rapidly growing Chinese market

Nutricia Toddlers Screenshot
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