Digital Dinos

Sydney Opera House & ERTH
Digital Dinos by Sydney Opera House and Erth

Travelling back in time to prehistoric Australia, Digital Dinos is a fun explorative educational tool part of Start Beyond's collaboration with Sydney Opera House and physical theatre company Erth. Brought to life in VR, students interact with larger than life dinosaurs while exploring themes around puppeteering, sustainability, and fossils.

Digital Dinos was integrated into the NSW Department of Education's primary school VR Kit program reaching over 500 schools within NSW.


  • To produce a fun and educational VR experience as part of the NSW Department of Education’s VR STEAM Kit program for primary school students
  • A VR learning solution that was accessible on mobile
  • An application that encouraged exploration and curiosity that was easy for class rooms to use
  • To bring Physical and Visual Theatre company, ERTH’s collaboration with the Sydney Opera House to an innovative medium


  • Optimised for mobile cardboard devises, Digital Dinos gave primary school students access to a larger than life experience of Australia’s prehistoric past
  • Through gaze based interactions students not only explored the world of dinosaurs, but themes of sustainability, fossils and extinctions as well
  • Interactions in a 360 environment included implementation of existing 2D content where students could learn about puppeteering and puppet making
  • A valuable companion learning tool in a larger scale workshop program run by the opera house reaching approx. 500 schools and 15,000 students

Digital Dinos app logo by Sydney Opera House and Erth
Digital Dinos screenshot by Sydney Opera House and Erth
Digital Dinos credits screen by Sydney Opera House and Erth
Digital Dinos menu by Sydney Opera House and Erth
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