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Jack Morton
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In the age of social distancing, how do we make remote participation in a live event feel essential and exciting?

For Jack Morton and Start Beyond, the answer was an immersive Augmented Reality app. The full experience allows users to interact with the event hosts directly, participate in an AR red carpet, and use AR filters and projections to bring the themes of the event to their own homes.

The apps features include;

  • Video Questions, where attendees could submit a video question to be answered by the hosts personally during the event
  • Red Carpet Selfies, allowing attendees to take a photo of themselves using custom-designed AR filters that would be broadcast on a massive animated wall during the event
  • Magic Moments, where the user could interact with a series of custom-designed cards to make thematically appropriate AR animations appear in their living rooms

The app was an immense success; 92% of users invited to the event participated, and the average engagement was 90 minutes per user. Not only that, but this app can now easily be adapted and reused for any future events - the modular design allows for easy updates and customisations.

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