Your Season Your Success

Rural Industries Skill Training

Your Season Your Success is an immersive app designed to educate students and farmers about building on-farm resilience during variable seasons.

The Client:  
Rural Industries Skill Training (RIST) is one of Australia's leading agricultural colleges based in Victoria.

The Challenge:
Climate change is drastically changing Australian farming, and farmers require up to date education on the best practices for resilient farming in the face of climate variability.  This information is often dense, technical, and challenges traditional farming models.  

The Solution:
RIST worked with Start Beyond to produce Your Season Your Success, based on years of experience in VR education and training solutions. The app is a mobile, desktop and VR learning simulation containing 4 unique modules which combines traditional educational materials with innovative and engaging experiences.

  • Farming To Your Credit:  
    An interactive 3D farm learning simulation tool for understanding how different farm management practises can influence on farm productivity and emissions intensity.  
Farming To Your Credit simulation
  • Farm Fit:
    An interactive calculation tool for benchmarking on-farm management during variable seasons.
Farm Fit calculator tool
  • Virtual Farm Tours:
    A self-guided explorational 2D and 360° VR virtual farm tour of production management strategies across two farms in regional Victoria.
Virtual Farm Tours
  • Companion E-Books:
    A collection of companion resources to support the other modules.  

"A flexible, cross platform, immersive training solution that integrates into existing learning systems."

Harnessing the power and flexibility of Start Beyond's Oncio AR & VR platform, the app is available across Desktop, Mobile and VR providing maximum reach and accessibility. For example, it can be used on laptops by students in a classroom, as an eye catching virtual reality experience in headsets at tradeshows, or as a reference guide on a mobile phone for a farmer out in the field.

Your Season Your Success is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and the Meta Quest for VR.  It also integrates directly with RIST's aXcelerate LMS, to support student logins and provide completion analytics.  

Available on Desktop, Mobile & VR

Learn more about accessing Your Season You Success here.

Your Season Your Success 3D Model
Your Season Your Success 3D Model
Your Season Your Success Virtual Farm Tour
Your Season Your Success user at computer
Bill Hamill
"I think all sheep producers should download the app and use it. It's an innovative training tool for them and the feedback that we have now is it will improve their productivity and will be assisting in the reduction of CO2 emissions across the sheep industry."
Bill Hamill
CEO, Rural Industries Skill Training
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