The Woolmark Company

Woolmark VR Menu Interface


  • To showcase the Woolmark brand: from Farm to Fashion
  • Create an app with 3 immersive 360° experiences
  • Highlight Woolmark's education, collaboration or innovation
  • Allow for continuous app updates to feature the latest design and textile trends


  • Tailored Oncio app allows new content to be continuously added
  • The app features an interactive fly-out sales window
  • The app also includes a 360° fashion interactive
  • The 360° fashion showcases Woolmark's designs and textiles
  • The app also features cinematic VR shot in rural Australia
  • National Geographic premiered a teaser of the app in January

Woolmark VR Menu project screenshot 01
Woolmark VR Menu project screenshot 02
Woolmark VR Menu project screenshot 03
Woolmark VR Menu mobile screen mockup 01
Woolmark VR Menu mobile screen mockup 02
Damian Madden
Start Beyond always push themselves to deliver the best for a client, challenging us to shape and recraft our brief to both best utilize VR technology but achieve our aims. They don’t simply just take a brief and deliver, they work with us to ensure our spend is best utilized and that we get not only the best value for money but the best product as a result. It is an open and collaborative process and has resulted in a finished VR experience we now utilize around the world.
Damian Madden
General Manager, Digital, Woolmark
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