Western Sydney Airport

Western Sydney Airport in AR Table Top View

Western Sydney Airport in AR

Viewing the plans in Augmented Reality provided a unique insight into the space, before anything was built.

Airport AR was developed with the goal of displaying building plans using Augmented Reality. This allowed users to explore the physical space using common mobile devices and tablets and provided a unique and immersive solution to visualise this. 

Start Beyond created a series of AR elements to provide users with a unique way to view the construction plans and visualise what the structure will look like. The AR elements include 3D models with custom animations for users to interact with and visualise what the airport will look like in 3D.

When Users point their mobile phone camera at a marker, it allows them to explore and interact with the airport development plans. As the airport changes and takes shape, the app will be updated with new 3D models, allowing the content to stay fresh and up to date for many years to come.

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