Visualising Cancer in VR

Sony Foundation, Garvan Institute and CSIRO
The Sony Foundation, Garvan Institute and CSIRO united together in an important research mission to generate new insights into the molecular structure of cancer cells. As a part of their efforts, Start Beyond has built a pilot VR program for researchers and clinicians that will aid the visualisation of cancer-causing mutations and the molecular mechanisms that underlie cancer, specifically in young people.

Within a VR app, 3D models of differing proteins are housed for the user to interact with in order to better understand structure and function. The user can zoom, pan and rotate the model and click on specific elements to reveal its name and category.

This ground-breaking VR training solution has allowed medical research professionals to trial a method of visualisation that was previously impossible to experience. Through intuitive interactive design, this VR app lays the foundation for significant research progress in this space.

After this positively received pilot program, Start Beyond is currently in development to expand the program into other areas of illness and disease.

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