TAFE Apprentices see inside the machine

AR unlocks how air-conditioning works

Students use AR to see inside the machinery and better understand the refrigerant process.

To successfully deliver industry-wide upskilling within the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry, Start Beyond in collaboration with SWTAFE Victoria created a specialist AR training solution.

3D AR animations allow students to view the inside of air conditioning machinery and enhance their learning of abstract and high-level concepts, by seeing the various stages of the refrigerant processes. 

Students can interact with the 3D models and trigger information pop-ups to explore the complex flow of chemicals and coolants to understand refrigerant systems.

This experience enhances classroom learning. It is also directly integrated with GOTAFE’s mobile training facility pods and is used to promote workforce training in rural and regional areas.

Below are 2D stills of the 3D models created for the AR training solution, along with on-site videos & photos of the AR experience inaction.

HVAC Augmented Reality 3D app
HVAC Augmented Reality 3D app
HVAC Augmented Reality 3D model
- Steve Crapper, Senior Educator & HVAC SME, Bendigo TAFE
"The mobile training pods and supporting AR material introduces students to some of the latest technology within the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. As for working with the Start team; it was a pleasure I found you guys easy to work with and very professional in your approach. Everyone was friendly and very helpful in all aspects of the project."
- Steve Crapper, Senior Educator & HVAC SME, Bendigo TAFE
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