Speech Pathology VR

The University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle were searching for a way to realistically teach their Speech Pathology students how to treat paediatric patients. 

We captured and built a virtual learning experience that places  students in the room with paediatric patients.

Working only with adult patients was impractical for setting expectations for working with children. In order to allow for students to gain realistic experience, we set out and captured in virtual reality two scenarios the University of Newcastle could use to alleviate this knowledge and skills gap of their students. 

Each scenario encounters the differing aspects of treating children in an immersive and hands-on virtual environment. 

This project was made for use as a Solo Learner product and is available on the Oculus Quest.

Through this VR training experience, students are able to achieve realistic feedback and get a true sense of what it would be like to treat younger patients. 

In each scenario, students interact and conduct an oral muscular assessment from the perspective of the speech pathologist. By using the Quest controllers to reach out and select the next steps of the process, students engage and interact in real-time with their patient. 

With no restrictions around accessing real-world training with paediatric patients, students can now gain crucial skills whilst also learning faster and more accurately from this simulated experience.

Dr. Murielle Kluge
Start Beyond really took the time to understand the teaching needs and learning outcomes during the initial scoping of the project and delivered a final application that has exceeded our expectations.
Dr. Murielle Kluge
Research Coordinator, Centre for Advanced Training Systems, The University of Newcastle
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