Awake: Episode One

Original project
Awake: Episode One Poster (Horizontal)

Enter the world of AWAKE, an unforgettable, thought-provoking experience; seamlessly blending complex environments with photo realistic volumetric video to create a new benchmark in immersive cinema.

In Episode One, you are a new presence in the story of Harry; a man obsessed with solving a mysterious lucid dream. It’s an obsession that has also cost Harry dearly and now he is stuck, waiting for release. You are the witness and it’s time for Harry to wake up! As the ever deepening layers of Harry’s story are revealed a sinister force could lead to Harry breaking one last time. AWAKE presents a rich new genre of immersive story, for you to discover.


  • A genre-defining 20-minute immersive cinematic experience
  • Designed for room-scale VR
  • Thought-provoking, mind-bending and mysterious
  • A complex narrative riddled with intrigue
  • Hollywood cast delivering best-in-class performances
  • 15+ minutes of stunning Volumetric Video performance capture
  • Light-interactive story progression
  • Photo-realistic sets and special effects
  • Cinematic score and spine-tingling audio design

Made in partnership with

  • Animal Logic
  • HP
  • Nvidia
  • Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture
  • Microsoft
  • Vive Studios
  • Screen Australia
  • UTA
  • Unreal Engine
  • Wacom

Awake: Episode One was developed by Start VR and is published by New Canvas.

Awake VR Episode One Birdcage
Awake VR Episode One Harry and Rose
Awake VR Episode One Harry by Jake McDormand
Awake VR Episode One Table
Awake VR Episode One Rose
Awake VR Episode One Suitcase
Jamie Feltham
Must see... Awake’s first episode has few equals in VR. It’s a piece that understands the purpose of telling a story in VR and isn’t afraid to wrestle with new ways of involving you in a story. For that alone, you need to see it.
Jamie Feltham
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