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Orange City Council AR-t Walk

Orange City Council Youth Services recognised that the young people in their community were feeling disconnected from the city and the older generations and knew they had to do something to make a difference. They needed a sustainable medium to showcase the locals’ artwork without having to incur the huge cost it would take to build a gallery.

The Council’s Youth Services were looking for a way to deliver a virtual art exhibition to showcase artwork created by talented young locals.

One of the artists involved in the program is 16-year-old Marley Mclean, who currently has his artwork being displayed at a popular playground in Orange. Marley says:

“I have had such good feedback. A lot of people have said I should put myself out there with more art, and it’s just been so good for my self-esteem, even though I was so far out of my comfort zone.”

Katrina Hausia, Youth Development Officer at Orange City Council says the program has made all of the difference, “It is amazing to see the way that art can change the tune of these young people.”


  • To deliver a virtual art trail exhibit through the New South Wales country town of Orange
  • To give more youths the opportunity to showcase their art to the wider community
  • To encourage connectedness between the youths and the older generation residing in Orange


  • Using AR technology, artists and locals can scan various QR codes around the city and see the artist’s work come to life
  • Optimised for smartphones, the app allows kids to proudly show their artwork while also having fun features like voice-overs explaining the artwork as they appear to the User
  • The application is built in a way that new artwork can be uploaded and changed at numerous intervals to allow more kids to show off their artistic talents

“It makes a big difference in the community, there is all sorts of art on display, not just Aboriginal. It’s helping lots of different groups feel seen.”

Marley Mclean, Youth artist from Orange


  • The Unlock Orange App has allowed the arts to go beyond the classroom and given local youths confidence and pride in seeing their artworks projected on some of Orange’s most beloved buildings
  • NSW Minister for the Arts, Aboriginal Affairs and Regional Youth, Ben Franklin has expressed his strong support for the innovative technology. “This program connects young people to their community, promotes indigenous culture and places art in the heart of the town. Most importantly, it is supporting and promoting the brilliant work of aspiring young artists.”

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AR Virtual Art Exhibition
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AR virtual artwork
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