4D Virtual reality flying is the closest you can get to flying

4D Virtual reality flying is the closest you can get to flying

Remember the 'Love has No Labels' campaign? The visual experience where different couples and families held hands behind a screen and then revealed themselves to promote diversity. That was Mindride.

MindRide was the talk of VR LA event over the weekend that showcased the future of virtual reality. The experiential virtual reality 4d flying experience stole the show.

Fly over snow-capped mountains. Feel the wind blow past your face. Bank left and pin drop through clouds. Move your arms to your sides and accelerate. This is flying - you are The Pan.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTABfNoCF_cIn real life, you strap on the Oculus Rift and lie in a harness while fans blow in your face. Motion trackers on your arms control flight speed. To move faster you place your arms back alongside your body, and to slow down, you move your arms forward. Bend left to bank left, swing right to go right. Just like you are flying.

"For me, the real nugget is that there is this new landscape of storytelling, and that's what is so exciting about virtual reality." Yehuda Duenyas Founder Mindride

Mindride has created a new way to place you inside the content and VR gives us the opportunity to experience the things of dreams. Like flying. Perhaps “all the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

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