The multi-billion-dollar tech revolution transforming the future of marketing

Start Beyond Mumbrella article on VR & AR simulations

In a world that's constantly transforming, it’s important to adapt to innovative technological developments to create profitable outcomes for businesses.

In a recent Mumbrella article, Start Beyond’s CEO and Co-Founder Angus Stevens talks about the untapped potential of VR in the Australian Market and how utilising VR & AR within a business can help build a deeper emotional connection with consumers.

Over a number of weeks, Start Beyond conducted extensive research and found that brands who have incorporated VR & AR technologies into their marketing strategy have seen a 15-20% increase in sales compared to other companies. It is a known fact that consumers who are given information via VR retain that information better than other traditional methods.

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AR & VR training provides learners with knowledge that sticks.  It is cheaper and more memorable than traditional 2D methods.

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