Sunrise showcase St John First Aid Training in VR

Start Beyond on Sunrise for VR first aid training solutions

The Start Beyond team are excited to share that earlier this month we were able to showcase our project with St John Ambulance (Vic) on Channel 7’s Sunrise.

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Angus Stevens spoke with Sunrise Consumer Correspondent, Shaun White about the benefits of First Aid Training in CPR and how VR is changing the way we participate in training.

The St John Ambulance Victoria SJx multi-platform training solution is industry-accredited First Aid & CPR training and launched in 2019. Since its inception, the program has delivered thousands of fully accredited graduates each month. Delivered across mobile, desktop and VR students are able to access this nationally accredited program through face-to-face and remote learning solutions.

The VR training simulation has reduced the total CPR & First Aid training time by over 50% while also increasing knowledge retention and student engagement—so it’s a no-brainer to put such critical medical training into this format.

AR & VR training provides learners with knowledge that sticks.  It is cheaper and more memorable than traditional 2D methods.

Contact us for a demonstration of how AR and VR learning simulations can reduce costs, increase knowledge retention, and build high performing teams.