Man Cycles across the UK in Street View VR

Man Cycles across the UK in Street View VR. Wishes he had a Peleton.

Aaron Puzey woke up one morning and decided to go for a bike ride. He set up a Gear VR, dusted off his home exercise equipment, plugged in Google Street View, and away he went. Into the VR world. Aaron plans to cycle 1,500 kilometres across the UK from his living room. His journey will take 50 days.

Street view reveals google's vr vision

Google has been busy mapping the real world in VR. You can now go on virtual reality (VR) adventures with Street View! "Some things, like buildings, fit very well to this model and look quite solid, but things like trees and hedges and anything lumpy often just looks a mess. I've also seen things like squashed bugs on the Google camera, bad colours in some scenes and strange black 'sink holes'. However, even with those problems it still feels like I'm there."

Aaron has been blogging about this VR tour on his blog, Cycle VR. Every 100 kilometres he updates video highlights of the trip. His journey begun back in May, and he is currently en route from Stockport to Manchester, halfway to Scottland.

VR Cycle

"I've been riding the exercise bike for years, just half an hour each day, but it's just a bit monotonous. I'd been day dreaming for a while about the possibility of using VR to make it a bit more fun and now, of course, the technology has arrived to make it happen." Puzey says 1,500 kilometres is enough for now, but that he has always liked the idea of visiting Japan.

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