My 8 hours of VIVE demos at Convergence

My 8 Hours of VIVE demos at Convergence

My 8 hours of VIVE demos at Convergence

We arrived mid afternoon to "bump in" and our first impression of the space at Barangaroo were a mix of surprise and a little trepidation (mainly from me).

The space was a huge open concrete cavernous gallery, and I had heard a few things about interference effecting the performance of the VIVE, specially with so many other emitting devices close by. We marked out a piece of floor and I got started setting up.

The VIVE is a more involved setup than some of the other VR hardware that is around with the two mounted lighthouses and larger area that can be used. I followed some advice that I had received earlier and attached the controller dongles to the HMD (to reduce the distance from the controllers and improve reception).

Pretty soon the people began to roll in and it didn't take long for a decent crowd of conference goers to form all waiting to try the VIVE.

VIVE demo: Tilt Brush

We chose Tilt Brush to show off the immersive and creative capabilities of the HTC Vive. The experience really encourages the participant to explore the space and to move in and around their painted creations.

We had the complete spectrum from people trying VR for the first time to seasoned VR professionals. The reactions were amazing, people were so blown away by their experience. I pretty much didn’t move from the space all night and the time literally flew by.

It’s great to watch people use the VIVE and get their impressions, quite a few people expressed apprehension but it all pretty much instantly vanishes as they are taken away to another place as they completely forget the reality and worries of where they just were moments before.

By the end of the night, I calculated that over 100 people had experienced the Vive (most for the first time) and the amazing thing was that it all took place in this small 4m x 4m area. I cant wait to do it again soon. If you haven't tried it, you should contact us for a demo.

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