Let’s Talk: How much will it really cost to start a business in 2022?

start beyond team at VR studio for VR & AR training solutions

Communication, mutual respect, and accountability are just some of the core values that make Start Beyond such an enjoyable place to work. As a close-knit team everyone understands their role in the company and how their job contributes to the successful delivery of AR & VR learning solutions and helps shape the future of VR.

In turn, each person’s role at Start Beyond is multifaceted; allowing the team to grow their skills both as individuals and as a group. These skills are then reflected in each of the AR & VR training simulations we produce for our clients and is something our CEO, Angus Stevens, discusses in this article; Let's talk: How much will it really cost to start a business in 2022.

AR & VR training provides learners with knowledge that sticks.  It is cheaper and more memorable than traditional 2D methods.

Contact us for a demonstration of how AR and VR learning simulations can reduce costs, increase knowledge retention, and build high performing teams.