Viveport the New VR Content Store for HTC Vive

Viveport the New VR Content Store for HTC Vive

HTC has announced the release of a dedicated new app store called 'Viveport'. The store looks like the start of a beautiful ecosystem. First of all, SteamVR is currently the central hub for Vive content. SteamVR is mostly about games. HTC aims to complement the existing store by focusing on non-gaming VR titles for Viveport like virtual travel, movie downloads, education, news, and business applications.

“Viveport will feature content across exciting, new categories for VR–like information, edutainment, social media, 360˚ video, news, sports, health, travel and shopping. The upcoming release will also introduce an update to Vive Home, which is our personal and customizable virtual space with interactive widgets and more.”
Viveport Beta Logo

Viveport fully integrates into the same Vive Home experience. New content, same VR environment. Think Apple TV - new apps and content, the same interface. As anticipated, it's going to get off the ground as a developer beta before it becomes completely accessible to everyone, and it's slated to launch in a few weeks' time to 30 countries. To join the Viveport community and register as a developer, visit

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