Vroom Set to Reach $1 billion in Car Sales with VR Showroom

Vroom Set to Reach $1 billion in Car Sales with VR Showroom

Virtual reality is shifting the game for marketers and consumers. Last week Alibaba released VR shopping centres. Today, Vroom Is debuting a virtual reality showroom for buying cars online. Buying a car can be a time-consuming headache. Having to book test drives, travel to dealerships, chat with salespeople, pack the kids, take the vehicle for a spin, review packages, select options. There has to be a better way? Online used car seller Vroom aims to make that easier by doing all of the above, with virtual reality.

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Vroom has created a virtual reality showroom that allows users to view car models from the comfort of their home. The shopping experience lets users strap on a HTC Vive, review and test drive their favourite vehicles. Google Cardboard is coming soon. The version launching today covers 30 models of sports cars and will demonstrate 300 models by the end of the year.

"The goal is to give consumers added insight to help them feel more confident when buying a high-ticket item online". Gaurav Misra, Chief Marketing Officer.

Vroom began just two short years ago and already sells more than $100 million in revenue per month, and is on track to hit $1 billion this year. The cars are animated and the experience while life-like, cannot yet replace driving the real car, that's where Vroom's second phase marketing strategy takes effect. Vroom offers a free one-week trial, where buyers can have the car delivered to their home. If they don't like the vehicle at the end of seven days, Vroom will pick the car up again, and it's back to the yard for the car, and back to the VR showroom for the consumer. Clever?

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