Dudes Watching VR

Dudes Watching VR

Dudes watching VR

It started out as a bit of a lark after my first visit to the Sydney VR Meetup last year.

Whilst having a post-meet beer with my friend, we were questioning if the take-up of Virtual Reality would be hampered by how you would look to others when experiencing VR. From the outside, the Oculus DK2 and the Samsung Gear did look particularly geeky. Although of the two, the GearVR hinted at how the HMD's of tomorrow would look more stylish and would no doubt shrink in size as the technology developed. What we both realised is that once you were inside the VR experience, you didn't care how you might be perceived by the others around you. The experience is so compelling and immersive that your brain believes that you are somewhere else, and as a result, you're far less inclined to care about how you must look to the outside.

This then led to the next logical conclusion that soon the world would be full of people looking like idiots whilst wearing VR head mounted displays. In fact, when you do a google search for "virtual reality images" all you mostly see are pictures of dudes (and dudettes) wearing clumsy looking Head Mounted Displays (otherwise referred to as HMD's).That night, in the cab on the way home, I setup dudeswatchingvr.tumblr.com and started posting silly images as I found them. I didn't realise at the time that there was another blog sharing the same image. I admit, the concept was hastily thrown together - even the name of it doesn't really make sense. But it's a little bit of fun, it illustrates the "social stigma" elephant in the room and it makes me laugh.

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